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        LANGUAGE: 中文版 ∷? 英文版


        ———————————— ??The main products are 10-220kv transformer electromagnetic wire, enameled wire, etc?? ————————————

        4 ADVANTAGES

        ———————————— ??To survive on the basis of quality and develop on the basis of reputation "is our unswerving idea?? ————————————



        Budweiser always adheres to the principle of "high starting point, high level and high quality"

        Introduced aluminum continuous extruder, copper continuous press, hot air circulation flat wire enameller

        Double production line horizontal track traction paper wrapping machine flat w…



        "Quality for survival, reputation for development" is our unswerving concept

        A number of senior certified product inspection and testing personnel

        Complete production standard process in line with various industry standards

        ——Guarantee the ex factory qualification rate…



        Only make excellent products - do not accept, manufacture or release defective products

        We are committed to the production of electromagnetic wires for dry-type transformers and oil immersed transformers, enameled wires for reactors and engines, etc

        And provide special customized…



        All from the customer needs, always pay attention to customer needs,

        And take customer satisfaction as the eternal goal.

        Select brand raw material suppliers and control the quality from the source.

        Excellent testing equipment, excellent quality inspection technology te…



        ———————————— Connect industry cutting edge information ————————————



        ———————————— ??Constantly improve management in the spirit of "preciseness, diligence, pragmatism and innovation"?? ————————————

        ABOUT US

        ———————————— ??"To survive by quality, to develop by reputation" is our unswerving concept, insisting that "quality is the basis of survival?? ————————————

        ABOUT US


            Nantong Budweiser Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the south of Lifa Avenue, Hai'an Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It is an important hub of "Shanghai and Nanjing 1.5-hour economic circle" in the Yangtze River Delta, with convenient transportation. The company takes quality, technology and service as its core competitiveness. Founded in 2009 with a registered ca…...



        ———————————— ??Cooperate with thousands of customers only for good quality?? ————————————


        ———————————— ??The main products are 10-220kv transformer electromagnetic wire, enameled wire, etc?? ————————————


        ———————————— ??Safe and reliable electromagnetic wire by precipitation casting for 20 years?? ————————————



        ———————————— ?Demand oriented / technology based / market development through service?? ————————————

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